La Ventola, a family affair since 1975

Telling about Polzella without pull them together with three cornerstones as tenacity, perseverance and passion, it would be like playing an instrument always with yhe same note. In forty years they grew up and transformed a farming structure in a successfull receptive touristic reality. This due to a continuous research and attention towards a keen selection of their genunine products and their loving sight toward hospitality, true flagship of this family. The engine that activated all this, over the fan, la ventola on the roof is the union between two people: Giovanni e Lina.

She is a pizza-chef since ever, dynamic and enterprising passes down to her son the passion for pizza and the curiosity on experiment and looking for new proposals. He is a good man that works constantly he loves his land, his oil, his family and he is the real conductor. In this case we can say like father like daughter because Marilena, Antonio‘s daughter, performs her father’s tasks in 4.0 way being very similar to him in behaviour and nature.

The family becomes wider with Marta, Antonio’s wife and Davide, Marilena’s husband. Marta is from Abruzzo, she distributes smiles and gives suggestions about food: she is the head waitress. Davide is the main presence regarding the bar of this family company. A tradition started with dad Giovanni that with his wife founded the basis of a total family farm developed by their sons Antonio e Marilena that with care and tenacity are constantly in evolution, supported respectively by Marta and Davide. Giacomo, Mirea e Alyssa, last arrivals in La Ventola house, practicing the family suggestions, will lead the family business in a even more productive future…