Wheat, a family good

If you wander around Cecina countryside, at Collemezzano level you will certainly bump into in a golden expanse of grain spikes, visible from route 206, here the fruit of passion from generations.
Ploughing, tilling, seeding, reaping, grinding, are the simple gesture we can find in the homemade doughs and pasta of La Ventola. Polzella family gives care and attention to its harvest transforming and bringing it into the table with fragrance and quality. Antique grains as Gentil Rosso, Verna, Farro Monococco and durum wheat Senatore Cappelli, are the grain qualities grown in the eleven hectares overlook the sea. These grains are ground in view in Antonio’s lab inside La Ventola restaurant, where has been placed a real mill that
grinds 1, 2 and whole flour.

Being a miller is one of the oldest human activities, the man who transforms cereals in flour, that gives birth to a life process. It sounds like a fairytale, but Antonio a morning at the end of the year looking at the wild family field, has an intuition: creating his own flour to be used in his original doughs.

But he doesn’t want only to tell this story, he wants all his clients admiring this ancient process. He gives birth to his lab where is set a real mill that grinds and produces flour, under the caring sight of its miller. A demanding brave choice, looking for the seeds types, staring the sky every day and admiring the field. In April the first plants have blossomed, they overpass the meter in May, they get golden in June, now we can collect the spikes, the dream is not no more a dream, it is now reality. The reality Antonio and his family have always believed in to offer flavors and fragrances every day.

A Soul, An Oil

The 300 plants of dad Giovanni today became 1800, but he hasn’t stopped to care them one by one and when it’s harvest and press time, he reunites the family and the oil days eventually start. This days are experienced as a true tradition, were children and adults put heart and soul; this is right the word chosen by Giovanni to name his Tuscan extravergin olive oil: Hinθial, that in etruscan language means soul.

Polzella family olive trees are placed on Collemezzano land, not far from the restaurant, there they get benefits from the very good Tuscan coast sea air and hot sun that give to the oil a wealth and genuine flavour.

Mr Giovanni leaves the plants growing naturally and he presses olives the harvest day, assuring a low acidity and a total Tuscan oil. La Ventola uses Hin θial oil both for table condiments and for any kind of preparation. Hinθial oil can be bought in the restaurant in a half litre, a litre and a five litres size.