In the kitchen with mother Lina

Care and passion of mother lina that from 1975 manages the kitchen of la ventola are present in all plates prepared nowadays by the chefs. Polzella’s Wheat finds its use also in the kitchen, every day fresh bread and dough rolled by hand according to old recipes.Fresh fish delivered by local. Fish shop and cooked thanks to traditional tuscan recipes. A special attention is dedicated to slow food products and to local farms, used both in pizzas and restaurant meals.

It’s easy to say

Pizza, Beer
& Bubbles

The classic match is not that expected. To different kinds of beer can and must be matched different styles of Pizza.
Antonio selected different beers to be combined with his pizzas. Beyond the classic beers and the four gluten-free beers (as the italian IOI of Birrificio Gjulia, amazing farming beer) he included many beers produced in Tuscany: Birrificio Clandestino, Petragnola, Olmaia brewery, Birrificio del Forte. There are also the vegan beers of Birrificio 32 Via dei Birrai.
If we are eating a Margherita with many spices the good beer is a refreshing german Weizen. A Lager is perfect with cured meats and vegetables filled pizza that intensify hops taste. A very good Abbazia beer perfectly matches with flavoured fresh cheese or with pizzas without tomato. This year La Ventola has introduced matches with bubbles: from French champagne, to Italian Spumante up to classic prosecco. Moreover the stocked wine cellar. Let you guide, get ready to pleasure, the right match happens with passion…

Pizza is delicious but it must be also nourishing, for this reason Antonio uses Tipo1, Tipo2 and whole stone ground flours. All of them with high nutritional characteristics and rich in fibres. There is also rye flour stone ground, less caloric than other granes but rich in nutritional properties. All doughs are easy to digest and full of proteins because of biological flour ground with Etruscan ancient wheat. Just like stone ground cheakpeas biological flour to make cheakpeas torta, main ingredient of ‘my way 5&5’. A particular attention must be given to germinates of cereal and legumes real containers of nourishing elemennts, vitamins and minerals


They are five letters, primary food at excellence, a story and a tradition that mummy Lina inherits from her mother and that trasmits to her son Antonio. In La Ventola they produce: fresh bread baked in a wood oven, a natural rising bread using the starter and high quality flours stone ground. Its dough rises for a whole night so the action of the starter can have its cycle increasing its digeribility and intensifing parfumes and flavours. Baked in a wood oven, as a family tradition, using only selected wood, it is served fragrant and scented.

Pizza & Restaurant “La Ventola” – Vada (Rosignano Marittimo)

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